Monday, 8 August 2011

Motherly Guilt

Ah, so the first year marker has come and gone, I am allowed to wallow in smugness that I've actually managed to keep the little darling alive and in one piece.
And the guilt cometh.
Having a baby produces a fair amount of guilt that floods you from time to time, feeding, sleeping, frustration that you're not sleeping etc.
But the older the baby becomes and the more things they are capable of brings more and more guilt. Is the food I'm feeding her good enough? Am I playing with her enough?
And don't even get me started on doing something like leaving her with my mother so I can have a hair cut (the first in over a year I may add).
I hear from a very reliable source (Mother...) that the guilt is pretty much all consuming until the child reaches about 22. Then it subsides to about 98%.
And then, when you finally shake the guilt out of your (newly coiffed) barnet, the guilt over no longer feeling guilty begins....

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