Monday, 15 February 2010

Oh Bugger

Yes, I know, I have been awol for a matter of months. If I go into minute details as to the whys and the wherefores I will be here until the next millenium, so, in the spirit of getting things done, I shall bullet point it, with pictures to follow...

  • The sister sodded off to University in yonder county.
  • I took a luverly trip to the big smoke for big child's birthday.
  • We conceived a CHILD! I KNOW!
  • I turned 22.
  • I had a brief stint inside courtesy of the NHS (it felt like prison, I expect inmate's food is better).
  • Christmas came and went in a wave of nausea from both me and the boy.
  • New Year occured and I wasn't asleep/driving the boy home from A&E in the fashion many a past year.
  • We got married and I became officially old and someones Mrs.

And that brings us to about now. How brilliant are bullet points?! I could have been typing away for hours waffling on about all!