Wednesday, 30 September 2009

And so it begins...

Right, I am organised. Almost. To a point. In a sort of fashion. Kind of.

Alright, I'm not organised, but I'm on the way there. Via the odd slip up.

I officially have a lovely new hallway floor. (Thanks a million to the complete spoon who decided to lay a cream carpet in a room the front door opens right onto. Kudos to that particular design decision.) We were going for laminate but decided the wet feet/lolloping great clumsy children would not be a great melange of choices so went for vinyl that now it's been laid, looks exactly like laminate anyway but less noisey.

After several small run ins with incompetant hoovers I've finally fixed it and turned it into a super dooper dust sucking machine. The downstairs of my house is almost finished! I spent most of yesterday embroiled in a small domestic arguement with most of the contents of the kitchen (nothing fitted where I wanted it and things were NOT PLAYING). So now I am liking the kitchen considerably more. The boy can't actually find anything anymore, but you know, small price to pay methinks. After all, is there not a saying 'Happy wife, happy life'?

I have put a very simple but apparently quite yummy recipe for (another thing I seem to be able to cook but don't actually like eating) good old apple pie in Tales of the Kitchen.

On another note entirely, I am in need of a new barnet/hair creation. But as funds are lower than Jodie Marsh's necklines, I am going to need to be clever about it. Anyone know if college hairdressers are any good? Or do they just come at you with a high powered ego and blunt scissors?

Cupcakes have been baked again, and the perfect sponge for said things has been, well, perfected. I just need to get this icing/frosting malarky nailed and everyone I know will be cupcaked out.
Christmas is slowly coming together, I have been stashing things for a while now and am starting to feel really rather smug.
This week is Cleaning Week, it's gone ok apart from the fact that if I breathe in anymore dettol, I may need a nebuliser.
Happy apple pie cooking.
Dinner tonight...Sausage and mash.

Wednesday, 9 September 2009

Take THAT Tomatoes.

I have resigned myself to the fact that my tomatoes WILL NOT RIPEN. They're just not having it. They just sit there on the vine laughing at me. So I have taken action. I have made them into green tomato chutney (the recipe of which can be found on my newly founded recipe blog ).

Terrifying as it may seem, Christmas isn't actually all that far away and what with having the million and one things to do and actually having time at home over the festive jollities for the first time in 6 years, I have been planning away.
You've never seen lists like it.
On the plus side of looking like a complete Christmas psychopath, I do feel considerably organised. Presents have been planned (in a list), and I've even started making the makeable ones. I feel considerably less panicked about the whole shebang this year. Although the high probability of the bravado going clean out of the window and me being a gibbering wreck on Christmas Eve, slumped up against the tree with a bauble hanging off my ear is high.

Littleun has Officially Started Nursery. Which means I can get a lovely little routine back. The house will slowly get there, I get time to cook again and (fingers crossed) I can prep the garden ready to grow all the things I have coveted next year.

In a vain attempt to not scare the locals on my honeymoon I have taken it upon myself to not be quite so lazy, the car will only be coming out WHEN IT'S NEEDED (note: capitals are an attempt to convince me, not you). So far I've been clocking up about 3/4 miles a day which considering it was more like 3/4 miles a week, it's not to be sniffed at. Clearly this walking lark will not cause me to wake up in 3 weeks time and find myself a szie 6 but you know, every little helps.

The shoe boots I blogged about previously magically turned into shoes boots with 20% off. So they were purchased. Having got them home they don't go quite as well with my exsisting wardrobe as my minds eye had me to believe. They may be returned and swapped for a(nother) pair of jeans and some cute little shoes I've been eyeing up.
I have been the recipient of some clothes (hand me downs if you want to be old fashioned about it, style recycling if you don't). Having trawled through them I've firmly got my sweaty little mitts around a rather fetching black jersery dress, a long sleeve black wool dress with uber cute gathered cuffs, a beautiful turquoise fine knit jumper which is several sizes to big but works and, the piece de resistance, a gorgeous knee length single breasted houndstooth print coat. Houndstooth (so I'm told) being a key mini trend of next season, I'm rather chuffed with these freebies.

As I mentioned earlier, I've started up a mini blog for all things food. Pictures, recipes, menus and downright culinary genius. Keep those beady little eyes peeled.